3 crazy ideas for LA Rams that could work against 49ers

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As the saying goes: Familiarity breeds contempt. Right now, the fans and players of the San Francisco 49er have been jawing quite a bit in the face of the LA Rams, particularly surprising for a team that is sitting on a record of 3-4. But the 49ers fans and players are confident about this week’s matchup with the LA Rams and are chattering like nervous and hungry squirrels that just found a cache of nuts.

The 49ers have beaten the Rams in seven consecutive regular-season contests. To hear them talk, they already have won their eighth consecutive game and are already counting on the next two seasons’ worth of wins to make it an even dozen.

Of course, after winning seven consecutive games, I suppose they have the right to do so. Much like the Rams teams when facing the Niners, Rams fans have begun to acquiesce to the trolling, to the claims that the 49ers are taking over the Rams’ home field, SoFi Stadium.  After all, it’s tough to believe that the Rams will turn the tables on the 49ers this time when the 49ers have run roughshod over the team for seven consecutive attempts.

Play to win, not to not lose

Looking back over the history of the losing streak, the only common denominator has been the fact that the San Francisco 49ers head coach is Kyle Shanahan, and the LA Rams head coach is Sean McVay. There have been different offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, and special teams coordinators. Positional coaches and players have varied as well.

Perhaps it’s that familiarity factor after all? The 49ers love to run and lean heavily on the short passing game, a trait that is right in the wheelhouse of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The LA Rams love to take big shots downfield and historically have abandoned the run, which runs right into the teeth of the San Francisco 49ers’ defensive scheme.

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So why shouldn’t the LA Rams stop taking the same path into the same brick wall? If the expectation is that the Rams need to think outside the box to win this game, why not embrace the challenge and truly think outside of the box? Here are three offensive options that are so crazy, they just might work.