3 crazy ideas for LA Rams that could work against 49ers

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Option III: Wildcat

One of the challenges to the LA Rams right now is trying to keep starting quarterback Matthew Stafford upright. And so far, the fact that the LA Rams offensive line is getting battered with injuries is not helping the cause whatsoever. Here are some facts as to how terribly wrong things have gone for the Rams’ offensive line so far this season. Through six games, the Rams’ offensive line has:

Played seven different offensive line configurations.
Played ten different offensive linemen this season.
Played four different players at right guard.

Fixing the type of problem is not easily remedied by trading for or signing a player. Either that creates one more iteration of an offensive line that is already cursed by having no continuity, or the team is adding a player to assume a starting role with no guarantees to hold that position in the future. Like it or not, that is not an ideal situation for the Rams roster right now.

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Wildcat Wolford

But there are other ways to keep Matthew Stafford healthy, particularly against a defense that has struggled to defend against mobile quarterbacks. With the limits to running backs on the Rams’ current roster this week, why not debut a wildcat option to QB John Wolford?

It doesn’t need to be a significant number of offensive plays. Simply sprinkle in a handful of Wildcat offensive plays to keep the 49ers’ defense honest. We witnessed in horror as the Niners mercilessly hammered Rams third-string offensive center Jeremiah Kolone with A-Gap blitzes and stunts that neutralized whatever blocking schemes he was calling.

The 49ers show no mercy when facing the Rams. Wouldn’t it be fun to return the favor, and attack their defense where we know that they are the most vulnerable?