3 crazy ideas for LA Rams that could work against 49ers

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Option II: Power Irish

The LA Rams have tried a new wrinkle in their offense, moving WR Ben Skowronek into the backfield and using him to block for RB Darrell Henderson. Nicknamed the Power I-rish formation, the Rams place Skowronek into the backfield and use him as both a blocking back or as a disguised route-runner out of the backfield.

And he has been quite effective at blocking at the point of attack.

Of course, Skowronek is a wide receiver and wants to remain primarily positioned there. But the Rams’ offense seems to be quite vanilla whenever the team faces the 49ers.

Shake up the offense a bit

Why not mix it up a bit, particularly if the Rams’ innovations are effective? And how well do the Rams perform in that formation? Pretty well, I’d say.

The problem is that the Rams do not feature Skowronek in the backfield very often. Or at least not often enough compared to its success rate. Some may argue that the use of WR Ben Skowronek in the backfield limits the Rams’ passing game. Actually, it may enhance it, as Skowronek has been very effective in running routes out of the Rams’ backfield.

The introduction of Ben Skowronek is an option that falls directly in line with the perennial request to the Rams to get a true blocking back in the offense to help out the increasing number of smallish running backs. But there is another option as well.