3 crazy ideas for LA Rams that could work against 49ers

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Option I: Defensive lineman in the offensive backfield

Football is a game, and a game should be fun. But I have to tell you, there is nobody having fun on the LA Rams sideline when the team faces the San Francisco 49ers any longer. The frustration and disappointment of trying, and failing, to overcome whatever curse the 49ers have placed on the Rams have gotten so stymying that the team feels as though they expect to lose. Certainly, that can be said of the Rams fanbase.

To combat that dread and despair air that seems to await the Rams, the team needs to do more than show up and try the same old stuff.  Not only is that not productive, but it’s sapping all the fun out of the game of football for the Rams coaches and players.

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Place Hoecht in the backfield?

So perhaps the game plan should begin with infusing fun into this one once more. For example, the Rams could consider positioning DL Michael Hoecht in the offensive backfield as a blocking back.  We have already seen the benefit of placing WR Ben Skowronek into the Rams’ backfield. Now imagine the power of a defensive lineman leading the running play.

But he could be more than that. For a big guy, he is surprisingly swift. And with history as a former running back, his speed is not the only trait that could compel the Rams to do the unthinkable and play him as a power fullback for a couple of plays.

Hey, I know that this is a crucial game for the LA Rams. I also know that the pressure on the Rams to win is unbearable. Rather than play not to lose, the Rams can turn this thing around by having fun simply at playing a game that they love to play.

Perhaps none of these options will do anything to help the Rams defeat the 49ers. But even so, the introduction of having fun while trying to do so could pay huge long-term dividends for the team. And if even one of these 3 crazy ideas works, imagine the laughter and high-fives that will engulf the Rams sidelines.

Whether or not the Rams win this one, it’s truly time for the Rams to have fun playing football again. Take a chance, right? You just never know.

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