4 roster moves where LA Rams zigged and should have zagged

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LA Rams Roster Allen Robinson
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Zig vs Zag Example III

Before the LA Rams traded away WR Robert Woods, the team signed free-agent wide receiver Allen Robinson. Well, signing WR Allen Robinson was not the problem, and still isn’t. After all, the Rams front office presumed, based on the success of WR Odell Beckham Jr., that the Rams offense was taking a new direction of featuring physical contested-catch types of receivers. Allen Robinson fits that purchase order.

The problem with the Allen Robinson addition to the LA Rams roster is not getting him, but not throwing his way since he’d arrived.

There is plenty of rationalization as to why he is not getting targeted. Some say he is not getting open. But whenever I review game videos, he appears to be getting just as open, if not more open, than his teammates. Others claim that he is not catching passes that are thrown his way. But again, game footage reveals a different tale. Many of the balls thrown his way have been just out of reach.

Big plans, small production

So far this season, Allen Robinson has caught 17 of 29 passes for 170 yards and two touchdowns. In comparison, WR Ben Skowronek has caught 23 of 29 passes for 221 yards but no touchdowns. The Rams signed Robinson to be a WR1A in the Rams offense, or at least no less than a WR2. But the team is using him as a WR3 right now, and with the imminent return of WR Van Jefferson, his status will soon fall to a WR4 or even a WR5.

With all of the trade talk about RB Cam Akers, I have no idea why that has been no mention of Allen Robinson’s name being mentioned as a potential player on the trade market. With the Rams offense getting Van Jefferson back, still trying to work out a formula that works for Tutu Atwell, and voicing strong interest in re-signing free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr., there is not enough football to go around to everyone.

The Rams have shown little to no interest to involve Allen Robinson in the offense, and he is not the problem. The Rams could net a nice return if they would accept that fact and give another team, another offense, a chance to use him with more consistency.