4 roster moves where LA Rams zigged and should have zagged

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Zig vs Zag Example I

Whatever it was that attracted the LA Rams about rookie wide receiver Tutu Atwell, I wish it would show up soon in a game setting. The decision to draft WR Tutu Atwell as a flourish to an already weaponized offense rather than the obvious need for an elite rookie IOL Creed Humphrey is something that is a true sore spot for Rams fans.

The LA Rams appear to have been enamored with Atwell’s lightning-fast speed. Unfortunately, like a lightning bolt, there is plenty of energy there that has yet to be safely harnessed. The Rams tried to deploy Atwell on special teams, but that experiment ended after Atwell did not live up to expectations. This year the Rams have tried to include Atwell in the team’s offense. So far, he has caught one of four passes for 54 yards and rushed once for nine yards.

And if not for the fact that the LA Rams truly needed an offensive center, and Creed Humphrey has been elite from the get-go, perhaps nothing would be said of the matter. But even now, Humphrey’s 2022 Pro Football Focus grade of 86.1 on 468 offensive snaps, two penalties, and zero quarterback sacks allowed is a neon sign that reminds Rams fans what might have been.

The Rams continue to struggle over offensive skill players

If there is a common theme, there seems to be a disconnect between the front office’s idea of what the Rams need versus what the Rams coaching staff actually uses on offense, particularly skill players. Almost like a child whose eyes are too big for their stomach, the Rams coaching staff seems to focus on getting shiny baubles without the practical applications of how to use those offensive weapons with any regularity.

Does the Rams’ front office make great moves too? Of course. Adding ILB Bobby Wagner continues to pay huge dividends. And I believe that the Rams’ ability to draft talented defensive backs this year will keep the secondary in great shape for years to come.

But when it comes to adding offensive weapons to the Rams roster, the team seems to be falling into a pattern of zigging when it should be zagging.

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