SI Albert Breer: LA Rams rumors selling DBs at NFL Trade Deadline?

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Who are the LA Rams interested in?

The LA Rams certainly seem to be having some sort of grand reunion in their latest plans. How else do you explain the Rams rumors that suggest the team is interested in trading the Hoston Texans for WR Brandin Cooks, a player that the Rams traded to the Texans just two years ago?

Not to rain on this parade, but how does having a fast receiver who can stretch defenses help with an offensive line that has struggled to protect quarterback Matthew Stafford so far this season? What am I missing?

Can Cooks catch Stafford’s passes?

The Rams traded Cooks away because he was suffering numerous concussions, was rather expensive, and with the limitations of the Rams’ offense, the team simply was unable to take full advantage of his skill sets. And the LA Rams just returned WR Van Jefferson to the offense. The Rams have an underused WR Allen Robinson on the roster, and the Rams have shown steady interest in signing FA WR Odell Beckham Jr. to the Rams roster.

One football, so many wide receivers already, and now the Rams are in talks to add one more receiver to the Rams roster? Unless the Rams divest of one or two current receivers who are underperforming from a group including Jacob Harris, Tutu Atwell, and/or Allen Robinson, this makes no sense.