Should LA Rams sign ex-Eagles DE Tarron Jackson to roster?

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With the NFL Trade Deadline looming, the LA Rams front office is under an ever-mounting chronological crunch to act to improve the Rams roster. That is if improving the roster is the plan.  Trades are not an easy thing to pull off in the NFL, as every team is after the same thing: An NFL Championship roster. But what equalizes everything and creates opportunities is the limits that all teams face in terms of roster slots and salary caps.

If a poorly performing team is out of the running by this point, that team has plenty of incentives to shed veteran high-cost players before the deadline. That is what compelled the Chicago Bears to agree to trade edge rusher Robert Quinn to the Philadelphia Eagles. But like the Hermit Crab shell experiment, the upgrade to the Eagles’ roster has forced them to shed one of their own players. In this case, young edge rusher Tarron Jackson was released.

Now the question is, is Tarron Jackson a player who may be of interest to the LA Rams? Let’s discuss that possibility.

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The young Coastal Carolina Alumni was projected to be drafted late on Day 3, which is exactly where the Eagles found him, with the 191st pick of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Jackson could develop into a solid NFL player

Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 254 pounds, he has been that smaller rush specialist in the Eagles’ 4-3 defense. Due to the Eagles’ superb defensive line depth, Tarron Jackson did not have many defensives snaps for the team. In 1.5 seasons, he played 280 defensive snaps, generating 18 tackles, one quarterback sack, one forced fumble, and two tackles for a loss.

Jackson may not make anyone’s heart race, but he has some solid moves

The LA Rams certainly have an interest in bolstering their pass rush. But if the best in the NFL is too pricey or not for sale, the Rams could simply opt to grow their own from the players released by other NFL teams.

Perhaps swinging for the fences with each roster move is too much to ask for. Is there some value to adding a player who may be a small boost to the Rams’ pass rush? After all, the largest avalanches begin with a single snowflake.

It could be that the Rams will have no interest in a young and rather inexperienced defensive end this season, and that’s okay. But the Rams got solid production in this defense from another defensive end named Morgan Fox. Perhaps Tarron Jackson deserves more consideration for the very same reason.

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