LA Rams rumors: Peter King’s FMIA trading starting WR at deadline?

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

There are plenty of LA Rams rumors flying around all over the place, and many of them make little to no sense. But some really do pique some interest, and those are the Rams rumors that I want to discuss today. And for this one, we turn to the latest edition of Peter Kings Football Morning in America.

Now, I’m not here to repeat the same old Rams rumors about offensive linemen or running backs. This one is about the LA Rams’ rumored interest in a speed receiver, particularly an ex-Rams receiver by the name of Brandin Cooks. So far, I’ve poo-pooed that rumor, mainly from the fact that the Rams need to prove that the offensive line can protect long enough to give deep-route receivers a chance.

And the second objection is the fact that the Rams’ receiver room is already rather robust. The Rams have Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, Ben Skowronek, Van Jefferson, Brandon Powell, Tutu Atwell, and Jacob Harris, and want to sign free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. So how could the LA Rams possibly envision a way to make room for one more receiver?

Will the Rams trade WR Allen Robinson?

Trade one, it seems, which is a thought I had already made in a previous trade deadline article:

"‘One football, so many wide receivers already, and now the Rams are in talks to add one more receiver to the Rams roster? Unless the Rams divest of one or two current receivers who are underperforming from a group including Jacob Harris, Tutu Atwell, and/or Allen Robinson, this makes no sense.’- per Bret Stuter in SI Albert Breer: LA Rams rumors selling DBs at NFL Trade Deadline?, Slide 3"

That is exactly what the Rams may plan to do. In the Trade Deadline Niblets section, that same suggestion comes through loud and clear:

"“Rams. One you-never-know thing about the Rams: I won’t be shocked if they find a speed receiver somewhere, even if it costs them the ill-fitting Allen Robinson. That speed receiver could be Brandin Cooks, but only if the Texans chip in on some of the $18 million salary Cooks is due in 2023 – per Peter King’s Football Monday In America for Week eight"

But there is more solid information in this article as well.

Despite rumors linking the Rams to Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt, and to Houston Texans left tackle Laremy Tunsil, the author disputes that the Rams have an interest in either player. The hot track for the Rams is to get a pass rusher for the defense, and the link of the LA Rams to the Carolina Panthers DE Brian Burns is the hot rumor in this article.

The price? Two (future) first-round picks or a first-round and a second-round pick to get the job done. We believe that the LA Rams are keying on the chance to pry Burns from the Panthers for several reasons. First, the Rams need pass-rush help today. Second, and more importantly, the Rams have to strategize life after All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who has already submitted retirement paperwork.

Is Burns worth two firsts? You bet he is, and the Rams know it.  If the price seems too steep, the Rams could, as this article and other articles suggest, sell the surplus of defensive backs, running back Cam Akers, and ill-fitting and underused WR Allen Robinson to restock the draft pick coffers.

Will the Rams buy or sell at the NFL Trade Deadline? More and more NFL Insiders suggest that the Rams could end up being both. And based on the inconsistent play of this team so far in the 2022 NFL season, perhaps they will be both when all the dust settles.

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