ESPN’s RGIII: LA Rams need to go get RB Alvin Kamara

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

While the Rams’ rumors over adding a running back to their listless offense are not very exciting, there is still one rusher who would be a very exciting addition to the LA Rams roster. His name is Alvin Kamara, and he would be an offensive weapon who could reignite the Rams’ offense in several ways.

Why am I so high on him? He is a 5-foot-10, 215-pound running back who is as dangerous as a receiver as a rusher. While that may not ‘fit’ all offenses, it’s ideally suited for the Rams, because they simply do not like to run the ball.  So where did this idea gain some traction? From none other than ESPN’s NFL commentator, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III.  So how does he know so much about LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay’s offense? He use to quarterback for then-Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay.

Does it make sense? Actually, this one makes a lot of sense. We have seen time and time again how former New Orleans Saints running backs thrive whenever and wherever they end up. That was the case for RB Darren Sproles, for RB Mark Ingram, and I believe will be the case for Alvin Kamara.

So what would it take for the Rams to go get him? Well, the word is that it would take a comparable package to what the Panthers received for Christian McCaffrey.

Since the Rams lost that bidding for McCaffrey to the 49ers, the team already knows what it would take to pull the trigger on a trade like this. And the Rams already have the offensive mindset to place receivers into the backfield. Why not do so with a true running back who can run or receive?

The Rams have not had a solid scoring running back since parting ways with RB Todd Gurley. Alvin Kamara scored 21 touchdowns himself: 16 rushing TDs and five receiving TDs, in 2020. He has a career average of 4.6 yards per run, and a career average of 8.7 yards per reception. In six games this season, he already has 700 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns.

I know that time is running out and that the Rams likely only have one shot at fixing their team. As much of a fit as RB Christian McCaffrey is for the San Francisco 49ers, I believe that RB Alvin Kamara Is even more of a fit for the LA Rams.  This LA Rams offense needs a spark. Alvin Kamara could be that ignition that reignites this offense into a blazing inferno once more.

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