LA Rams Rumors: Panthers rejected startling bundle for Burns

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams may not retain their first-round picks, but how can you argue against the results of players who they have managed to acquire with those firsts? The Rams have traded for WR Brandin Cooks, DB Jalen Ramsey, and even quarterback Matthew Stafford, and if the Carolina Panthers had agreed, would have had Panthers DE Brian Burns.

Some can’t believe that in the face of two first-round picks, the Panthers said no. You can include me in the latter group.

The skeptics of this offer may or may not recognize the struggle that this LA Rams team faces. Not only are the Rams not getting near the quarterback pressure from this defense that really makes this defense hum, but the organization knows that the duration of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald’s career could end at any moment. Donald has already submitted retirement paperwork after the Rams won Super Bowl LVI.

The LA Rams parlayed a number of draft picks throughout the 2022 season for what eventually became rentals of top NFL talent. The Rams traded second and third-round draft picks to the Denver Broncos from the 2022 NFL Draft to acquire stellar veteran outside linebacker Von Miller for half a season and the postseason. The Rams also traded a sixth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and a fourth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to rent RB Sony Michel for the 2021 NFL season. At the end of the year. Michel walked away without a meaningful contract offer from the LA Rams. And no compensatory draft picks either.

The Rams never connected with trading for Panthers’ players

For what it’s worth, that fourth-round pick from the 2023 NFL Draft used to acquire Michel was the difference in the LA Rams NOT acquiring Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey. But the Rams had more than one iron in the fire in trade talks with the Panthers.

The latest rumors of two potential trade offers made by the LA Rams to the Carolina Panthers which the Panthers rejected look like this:

But it gets better (or worse), as you will soon see as the Rams reportedly offered two first-round picks to the Panthers for DE Brian Burns:

The Panthers may have chosen the 49ers’ trade offer that included the 2023 fourth-round pick that the LA Rams could not match, but if the 49ers are the better team as a result of that trade, they may have truly overthought this one.

The better the 49ers become, the less valuable the draft picks are from the 49ers. While the same impact occurs if it had been the Rams, the Rams’ offer included a replacement RB in Cam Akers and two picks in 2024, which have a greater chance of appreciating in value because there are no guarantees that the LA Rams will contend in 2024.

Time is running out on the LA Rams right now, as are feasible and available pass rushers. The LA Rams could sweeten the pot, but I think they have offered more than enough for the Carolina Panthers players.

It may be that the LA Rams do not trade for help at the NFL Trade Deadline. But do not think for a moment that they did not try. The Rams’ front office did about as much as they could despite getting no takers. Now, it will be up to the Rams coaching staff to rethink their strategy and get the Rams back on track.

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