LA Rams hopes for OBJ still has a pulse, and a price

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LA Rams free agency Odell Beckham Jr.
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Loyalty should run both ways

NFL teams and the loyal fans that support them can shower productive NFL players with plenty of ‘love’ as long as they are producing and winning. But if the numbers stop showing up positive for a player, that appreciation quickly sours into frustration. That’s the NFL, also known as Not For Long because emotions change so rapidly.

Right now, plenty of NFL teams are showing ‘love’ towards Odell Beckham Jr., because he is nearly cleared to play football once more. November 2022 has arrived, and this is the month that has dangled out there on NFL calendars like a carrot on the end of a stick. The Rams have continued to express interest in signing OBJ back.

OBJ suddenly wins NFL’s popularity contest

But other teams have expressed interest in signing him too. And those other teams have a much better chance of earning a high berth in the NFL Playoffs picture, let alone actually landing a playoff berth.

Like who?

That is a pretty select group.

Can the Rams offer anything that these other NFL teams cannot? Absolutely. For starters, Odell Beckham Jr. would return to play in the same offense that restored his place among the top NFL wide receivers. And, as we had discussed before, popularity in the NFL only holds as long as that player is productive.

But NFL players have begun to embrace the business characteristics of the NFL as well. Product endorsements, sports media careers, and even the rare crossover from football star to television and movie entertainer are all ways to add to the coffers of a shrew NFL player. And right now, the best place to attract those opportunities is in Los Angeles, California. OBJ is shrewd and recognizes that his best chance of non-football-related income is to return to the LA Rams.