LA Rams hopes for OBJ still has a pulse, and a price

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Rams Rumors: OBJ may still re-sign with the Rams

And so, many will judge the man who is simply trying to place himself and his family in the best position to succeed by a standard of loyalty. But loyalty, like respect, runs both ways.  Right now, some may equate loyalty to the Rams as the benchmark to set an unrealistic expectation for OBJ’s return. But I see it another way.

Odell Beckham Jr. knows the LA Rams’ offense better than the offense from any other NFL team. So his learning curve with the Rams would be short and sweet. And the timing of his potential return would coincide with the healthy return of a number of starters, particularly the offensive linemen.

OBJ fits the LA scene

Despite the fact that he remains an NFL celebrity, Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most approachable and unassuming players in the NFL today. He reads articles written about him. He expresses plenty of emotions on social media. He is simply one of the most likable players in the NFL.

I would love OBJ to re-sign with the LA Rams. Not only because his talents at playing football remain significant enough to tip the scales in the Rams’ favor this season. But because, by doing so, I will continue to have time and reason to follow the career of a player who, curiously, I have come to appreciate and respect beyond the football field.

Deciding one’s future is never an easy task, but is far more difficult for a player whose decision impacts his entire family.  While I certainly hold a fervent hope that OBJ is back, I know that he has to do what’s right for him and his career.

OBJ sacrificed his health to help the LA Rams win their first Super Bowl for the city of Los Angeles, California. Giving him the opportunity to do what is right for his situation seems to be the least that I can do in return. If getting a SB LVI costs allowing OBJ to choose what is best for his career, that is a price that I will gladly pay.

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