WR Cooper Kupp ankle sprain should be wake-up call to LA Rams O

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Rams wake-up call

The Rams are certainly feeling a bit of relief on that news. Not only is Cooper Kupp a great receiver, but he is disproportionately responsible for what little offensive success the LA Rams enjoyed this season.

Wow, nearly 31 percent of the Rams’ offense is from one player, who is not a quarterback? That is very unusual in the NFL now. But is that a good thing? I’m not convinced that it is.

Cooper Kupp concerns

There are two reasons to be concerned. First and foremost, the very reason to sit starters in the preseason, to avoid injuries, continues into the season. With each target, the chance of injury to any NFL player is activated. Even if Cooper Kupp is not injured on a play, fatigue and overexertion reduce his ability to fend off soft-tissue issues later in the game.

But the second reason is perhaps even more basic. If the Rams continue to overwork Kupp during the season, how effective and healthy can the team expect Kupp to be if the team earns a playoff berth? If the Rams’ offense continues to be exclusively Kupp, or simply a significant portion of this offense is Kupp, then the Rams simplify the job of every defensive coordinator that the team will face in the future.