WR Cooper Kupp ankle sprain should be wake-up call to LA Rams O

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Rams must throw to other receivers

Distribution of the football is just common sense. The LA Rams offense is loaded with viable offensive weapons that have either been misused or not used at all. The problem is not always the players, but rather a combination of players and plays. Sure, the Rams’ offensive line has zero continuity so far this season. But why not factor that into the offensive strategy?

Screens, draw plays, misdirection plays, and even a well-planned rushing attack can help the Rams establish a solid footing in the game. Oftentimes, the Rams have a balanced offensive game plan in place, which has led to better-than-expected performances in the first half.

But when the Rams come out in the second half of games so far this season, the old habits show up, and the Rams throw invariably to either Kupp or tight end Tyler Higbee. If the Rams do run, it’s on first down for little to no gain. That forces the Rams into second and third downs with long distances to go, creating a vicious ‘gotta throw to Kupp,’ cycle.

No adjustments? No chance

It’s no wonder that opponents crush the Rams in the second half. Opposing coaches adjust to what the Rams are doing, while the Rams seem to grit their teeth, dig in their heels, and become even more convinced that their game plan will work if they just keep throwing the football.

The Rams need to jumpstart the offense. The Rams could target WR Allen Robinson more often, a player who has become more and more effective in recent games. The Rams could involve and target WR Tutu Atwell more often in Game 8. He has the type of speed that has proven to be very effective against the Buccaneers’ secondary. Of could, the Rams could throw to WR Van Jefferson, a receiver who has the ability to score from anywhere on the football field.

The Rams need to play for the long game now. The Rams use Cooper Kupp for nearly 31 percent of their offense, and he is coming off an ankle injury. If the Rams don’t change things up in this offense pretty quickly now, they will be forced to replace that 31 percent of an already struggling offense as well.

Save Kupp for the fourth quarter in this one. Throw to other players. Ultimately the choice may not be an option. If the Rams do not give Kupp some relief now, they may be forced to do so later in the season.

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