Let’s refocus on the LA Rams current running backs

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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With all of the talk about who MIGHT be acquired by the LA Rams, who MIGHT be traded, and all of the other headliner trades happening as the NFL Trade Deadline, there is a risk that some fans may be a bit confused over who the Rams roster currently has at the running back position. After all, players were injured, a player was a healthy scratch, and the room has been reinforced by not just one but two new faces so far this season.

And it’s all taken place since the start of the 2022 NFL season.

The problem is that there is a strong bias among the LA Rams right now seeking a simple solution to a very complex problem. For starters, the LA Rams have played seven games so far this season, but have never had the same offensive line in consecutive weeks. Many times this season, the Rams did not even have the same five offensive linemen end the game that started it.

Run blocking is more than an offensive line problem

While run blocking is indeed a huge problem, it’s not just a problem caused by five offensive linemen. We know that the LA Rams offense operates at its peak performance because the Rams expect and typically get plenty of quality blocking from wide receivers, tight ends, and even running backs.

Except for this year.

Whether it’s from the lack of commitment to the running game, or a lack of focus, the entire Rams roster appears to have lost the ability and the energy to perform and hold even the most basic of rush blocks. And running with the football has never been the strong suit of the LA Rams offense. He inherited star running back Todd Gurley, and rode that bonus rusher for three years.

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But inheriting wealth is far different than acquiring it, and the LA Rams have struggled to do so at the running back position over the past four seasons.  That’s across the gamut of offensive linemen and running backs, coaches, and opponents. The lone common factor has been that the LA Rams’ offense and play calling has been the responsibility of head coach Sean McVay.