Let’s refocus on the LA Rams current running backs

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Coach McVay talks OL and running attack

It’s tough to diagnose any problems with the Rams’ offense without circling back to LA Rams head coach Sean McVay. Yes, he is ultimately responsible for the team’s operations as the head coach, but he is intricately involved in the entire offensive operation. He calls the offensive plays. He helps to create offensive play designs. We have learned that he is setting the starting offensive linemen for this week. Is there anything about this offense that he is not involved in?

That compromises a lack of arm’s length controls with the Rams’ offense organization. The head coach is also the functioning offensive play caller.  So how can the Rams truly fix the offense that already has the blessing of the head coach? And worse yet, who will challenge the decisions made to determine who starts on the offensive line?

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay began talking about the Rams offensive line at the 11:30 mark of the latest Coach McVay below:

But that has not halted this season’s need to run the football, keep the defense honest, and giving the offensive line a chance to move defenders backward.  The real meat begins at the 12:23 mark in the video above:

"“We’ve got to figure out how to make it a better operation that you don’t feel like you’re wasting plays because, in some instances, that’s what I feel like. And, we’re getting some of the looks that we want, and we’ve got to be able to execute better. We’ve got to be able to hit blocks better, we’ve got to be able to handle movement better, and then we’ve got to be able to create a little bit more than what sometimes the play is blocked for. Those are things that I don’t think is asking too much. And then we also have to do a good job of coaches at evaluating, alright, what are some of the different things, if it’s applicable, to change it up, to keep people a little bit more off-balance. Ultimately, those are things we’re always looking at. You absolutely have to be able to run the football. What are the ways that we can do it? And have better chances of execution and efficiency is something that we have to find because it hasn’t been good enough.”-per LA Rams HC Sean McCay on the Coach McVay show"

With all of that being said, the Rams can’t run if they won’t run. Right now, the Rams’ 147 rushing attempts are the fewest in the NFL. So which comes first? Committing to running the football, or getting better at running the football?  So far this season, defenses have no need to defend the run, simply because the Rams rush 21 times per game, but pass just shy of 40 attempts per game.

So who could the Rams run right now? Let’s take a look at the options: