Let’s refocus on the LA Rams current running backs

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Running back Malcolm Brown is the type of running back that gets stronger as the game progresses, and his powerful style of rushing may not deliver explosive plays, but certainly can keep the ball moving in a positive direction. Malcolm Brown does not slip and elude defenders. Rather, he takes aim, puts his head down, fires through the hole, and depends on his powerful stride to gain yards.

Right now, the Rams have little patience in establishing a time-consuming ground game. When the Rams’ offense did so in 2020, the narrative from HC Sean McVay was to completely abandon the steady progress on the ground and try to rework the offense into an explosive offense. That approach doomed Malcolm Brown’s usefulness in 2020 and is very much limiting his opportunities this season despite the team re-signing him.

Ideally, Brown is either a player who needs plenty of work to get into the rhythm of the game or plays a more versatile role of blocking back to help protect Stafford or to open running lanes for his teammates. So far, the Rams haven’t explored those uses.


Running back Ronnie Rivers is a curious player for the LA Rams. Adhering to the mini-me concept that seems to be quite popular among the Rams right now, the young man stands 5-foot-9 and weighs a svelte 195-pounds. While still playing from the practice squad, he has been the rusher of choice for the Rams so far in Week 8.

We’ll get a sense of how the Rams intend to set their roster with the workload distribution in Week 9. The Rams have to create a roster spot for Rivers, and my guess is that the team will observe and evaluate how various rushers perform against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The low performer will be released to make roster room for Ronnie Rivers.