Why ex-Raiders S Johnathan Abram makes (no) sense for LA Rams

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Mandatory Credit: Jki 110622 Raiders Jags Cp 35 /

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The Las Vegas Raiders (2-6) are struggling with their team’s performance compared to lofty expectations as frantically as the LA Rams are struggling right now.  While the Raiders’ pass defense is the seventh-ranked defense in the NFL, and their rush defense is the 14th-ranked run defense in the league, defensive back Johnathan Abram has seen a sharp drop in the number of defensive snaps played. That has led to this:

Opportunities to add a former first-rounder should not be disregarded lightly. Abram is a 6-foot-0 205-pound defensive back who plays with physicality. In many ways, his style of defense is much like that of Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams.

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Abram is a big safety or a smallish linebacker, leading to his projection as an ideal LB/S hybrid, a role that has grown tremendously popular over the years. Right now, the Rams are projected to lose three safeties to expired contracts at the end of this season: Nick Scott, Jake Gervase, and Taylor Rapp. Historically, the Rams do not invest in second more-expensive contracts at that position.

Since the team has released CB/S Terrell Burgess already, that would force the team to start Jordan Fuller plus an untested returning rookie at the position. While there is no guarantee that Abram is the answer for the 2022 Rams secondary, he has plenty of NFL experience.

Abram did not live up to his potential with the Raiders, but he was nearly the unanimous top safety on the board for the 2019 NFL Draft. While he may have struggled to compete in the NFL, was it due to the wrong player in the right system, or the right player in the wrong system?

Abram makes tackles. He has three interceptions in 3+ NFL seasons. While he may play at a position that is not a huge need for the team today, he could serve on special teams for now, and then compete for a more comprehensive role on the Rams’ defense next season. He has plenty of NFL potential and plays at a position that the Rams may be desperate to fill in a matter of months.

Buy low, sell high. Right now, Johnathan Abram is at an All-Time low.