Why ex-Raiders S Johnathan Abram makes (no) sense for LA Rams

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The LA Rams may be an opportunistic team, but their problem-solving energies are quite saturated right now. This is a team that has struggled to put points up on the board all season long, and yet the story has not changed. Taking a look at it has become a weekly punch line for the Rams right now.

While the Rams’ defense is not the weak link right now, neither is it setting any records of its own. The Rams seem to be stuck in a prevent-style pass defense that does not change. While that may be an excellent strategy to protect large leads in the game, the Rams’ flatlining offense has not given this defense a chance to do anything but frantically try to avoid failure.

Johnathan Abram is not an upgrade, is not added depth to an already thin position, and is not a player who can help coach up younger players on the sideline. He would be one more player on the roster who needs to be coached up, if not to achieve his optimal NFL performance, at least to be productive for the LA Rams this year.

That is not to say that on the right roster, in the right defense, Abram could not develop his full draft profile potential. I’m simply pointing out the fact that the Rams seldom invest more than four seasons into the safety position, and Abram is currently playing out his fourth NFL season.  Considering he was waived outright by the Raiders, that is hardly a platform that suggests the Rams will have an interest.

Yes, the Rams could use depth at the safety position, but I don’t know that Johnathan Abram offers much of anything to warrant a multi-year investment.  Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments section if you believe the Rams should sign Johnathan Abram to a minimal contract.

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