3 reasons to believe in LA Rams backup QB John Wolford

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Reason III: He’s the most familiar with this offense

There is no quit in quarterback John Wolford. That is obvious with each opportunity he has when the gets the football in his hands.  But that does not carry much weight if the Rams are struggling, so what about Wolford playing today actually gives any hope for the Rams’ offense today?

We know that from the moment starting quarterback Matthew Stafford takes the snap, he is looking for veteran wide receiver Cooper Kupp. If Kupp is covered, he looks for tight-end Tyler Higbee. That is a pattern that defenses can predict weeks before facing the Rams. But with John Wolford under center, all of that advanced scouting is meaningless.

The LA Rams’ offense will be unpredictable

Wolford has no pattern, and he frequently works with backup receivers. The Rams have plenty of talent on the roster, but veteran Stafford has fallen into a rut of throwing to the same receiver in the same situation. If the Rams fall behind, and they fall behind a lot recently, the Rams’ balanced offense flips to pass-centric. And we know that when the Rams pass the football, it is going to either Cooper Kupp or Tyler Higbee. That simplifies what defenses must do to stop the Rams’ offense.

But there is no book on the Rams’ offense with John Wolford under center. That means that Wolford is an enigma, bringing uncertainty and obscurity to an offense that has become painfully predictable.  Perhaps the Rams’ offense will be much less predictable today? We know that Wolford has worked extensively with the likes of WR Lawrence McCutcheon and tight end Jared Pinkney. And it just so happens that both are active today.

There is more to confusing defense than just the play-calling. John Wolford is a very mobile quarterback. What he cannot do with his arm, he can do with his legs. So even on passing plays, Wolford can scramble for huge gains.  We know that he used his legs to defeat the Arizona Cardinals is the only NFL game that he started and finished.