3 reasons to believe in LA Rams backup QB John Wolford

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Reason II: He is just as determined to succeed as anyone on the offense

If the LA Rams are lacking passion, that will certainly not be the case with John Wolford under center. The guy has no quit, and both a firey competitive and contagiously competitive spirit that will be tough to ignore.

Despite the numerous injuries to the roster, you can bet that Wolford will be giving it all he can on each play. If this was a normal season, that attitude may simply just blend in. But this is anything but a normal season, and the Rams have to rely upon new faces and young players to compete. A passionate quarterback could be the ticket to a solid game all the way around.

"“Much like the older guys do, right, we’re refining their craft and trying not to get guys hurt. And when I get these reps I’ve got to make the most of them. We’re different players (comparing himself with starting QB Matthew Stafford) with different skill sets, and I can’t press if, you know, he can rip the ball 75 yards throwing across his body. I’m not going to force a throw like that.” – John Wolford as per LA Times Gary Klein (subscription required)"

Wolford knows his own limits, but he also possesses an incredibly acute Football IQ that gives him a competitive edge. He understands that the game can be decided by a series of positive gains, and does not need the home run ball to win games.

Wolford has been considered the underdog in much of his NFL career. Now, on an expiring contract, he knows that his future opportunities to compete in the NFL could easily depend on his ability to perform well in the game today. The Rams may be struggling as a team, but I would not bet against John Wolford in those circumstances.