3 reasons to believe in LA Rams backup QB John Wolford

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Reason I: He gives the LA Rams offense real-time QC

The LA Rams sometimes need a system check on offense. Even head coach Sean McVay gets lost in the gametime status, as reflected by his passing to wide receiver Cooper Kupp with time running out and the game completely out of hand.

McVay trusts the counsel of quarterback John Wolford, and that means a great deal in a game like Week 10 when the Rams are desperate for a win.  His willingness to put it all on the line draws that same competitiveness from his teammates, and the Rams roster is far more talented than the game outcomes have shown in recent weeks.

He knows the down and distance situation at all times. In fact, he has been the guy who whispers gametime strategy to head coach Sean McVay. It was Wolford who advised McVay to take a safety to finish a game to ensure that the Rams would cling to a victory. It’s Wolford who has a pretty good handle on what works.

Avalanches start with one snowflake. The biggest deficit on the LA Rams offense right now is confidence, a quality that John Wolford has in abundance. I am rooting for Wolford in this one. Not just because he plays for the LA Rams. But he has been a believer in himself when all others have given up on him.

John Wolford just needs a chance, a chance that he is getting today. Here’s hoping that today’s game ends up just like the last time QB John Wolford faced the Arizona Cardinals.

With a win.

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