LA Rams will get perks for playing poorly next year

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The LA Rams roster gets to rehab, rest, and recover

For starters, the LA Rams scheduled final game will be played on January 8, 2023, a full five weeks before Super Bowl Sunday is played on February 12, 2023. That all translates into five additional weeks of non-football activities for all of the injured and banged-up players on the Rams roster.

This downtime alone is enough for healing time to recover from a high-ankle sprain and corrective surgery. Right now, the Rams have quite a few players who are injured, a central cause for much of the calamity experienced this season. Unfortunately, many of those injuries carried over from last season into this season due to a shorter off-season than other teams. In some cases, the fatigue from 2021 set the stage for a higher rate of injuries this year.

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More experienced Rams roster

But those injuries have forced the Rams to promote and elevate backup, reserve, and developmental players into prominent roles on the team. Once those seldom-played football players get a true taste of “NFL live action,” all of the training camp effort, practice drills, and off-season work begins to make sense.

In short, players can now step up to the next level having experienced what that next level is. In many cases, the final step of getting players real experience in NFL games when those players are ready is the real drawback to realizing their full NFL potential.

Thanks to injuries across the board, the LA Rams running backs, offensive linemen, and defensive backs ranks are loaded with experience from this season, and almost all of it will carry over to the 2023 NFL season. When that last happened in 2019 and carried over into 2020, the LA Rams ended up with a Top-10 offensive line unit. I would be quite surprised if that was not the case in 2023 as well. Surprisingly, we have yet to discuss the NFL perks of poor play. We’ll address that in the next slide: