Which witch put the hex on the LA Rams offensive line this year?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams offensive line is at the epicenter of the team’s problems this season. But unlike the argument that shows up on social media claiming that the Rams OL is something south of competent, this is not about the players who are on the roster. Rather, this season has been about those offensive linemen’s inability to remain healthy.

The LA Rams have had no continuity among their offensive linemen, a group of NFL players who are probably the most dependent upon continuity, communication, and durability. Unfortunately, the Rams’ offensive line has had no chance to establish either continuity or communication, because their durability has been so non-existent this season.

Which witch hexed the Rams?

The team has played nine games and has had to reform a new offensive line group for each game. That is beyond nuts:

Are the Rams under some hex from an evil witch? Did the Rams fall prey to some evil curse? Are the Rams reeling from some evil eye black magic? While it sounds bonkers, a hex is probably the most logical explanation for the number of injuries to offensive linemen this season. And that hex that continues to slaughter the Rams remaining offensive linemen has not let up yet:

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay gave the sobering update for the team’s latest injury news. The Rams have shut down offensive lineman Alaric Jackson for the season, are looking at offensive lineman Chandler Brewer being out 4-6 weeks following surgery to correct injury damage, and the latest update on wide receiver Cooper Kupp:

This will almost certainly mean a new offensive line configuration for the next game the LA Rams play, a pattern that has been the only consistent element of the offensive line all season. But how much of the offensive line issues were expected? The durability of the LA Rams offensive line was a concern six months ago, primarily because two of the players who were projected to become starters this season had a durability rate that fell below 60 percent.

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If you have not been following closely, the Rams’ injuries decimating their offensive linemen have become a blur by now. There has been quite a bit of activity on the LA Rams roster in terms of offensive linemen, so let’s run down the list: