Fans fervor to fire Rams DC Raheem Morris is misplaced

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The Rams’ secondary was hammered with injuries too

The Rams’ defense is actually playing pretty well.  That has been in spite of DL Bobby Brown III’s six-week suspension. That has been in spite of the injuries that have also decimated the LA Rams’ secondary, forcing the team to sign free agent Shaun Jolly to ensure sufficient depth.

So far this season, the Rams have already had to release DB Tyler Hall (injury settlement), release DB Dan Isom (injury settlement), place DB Troy Hill on IR, place DB Grant Haley on IR, place DB Quentin Lake on PUP/IR, and faced a number of weeks without DB David Long Jr., DB Jordan Fuller, or DB Cobie Durant. And this season is only at the mid-point.

Whenever the Rams’ offense has scored 20 or more points in a game, the Rams have won. Of course, we’ve been down this path before, less than one year ago. In 2021, the outcry to fire Raheem Morris only subsided when the Rams won the NFC Championship Game against the visiting San Francisco 49ers.

How many fans judged Raheem Morris hastily in 2021? How many are judging him hastily this season?

Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it

Not only is Raheem Morris coaching a pretty good defense, but he is keeping his players positively engaged and playing hard. What does that matter? If you hadn’t read the tale of defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson’s experience with the Detroit Lions, this is a perfect chance to click this link here and read just how poorly some NFL coaches act with their players.

Relax. Pause. Breathe.

Now, let’s walk the logic of firing DC Raheem Morris through to its outcome. Who do you hire to replace him now? Who do you hire in the off-season? You can’t fix the defense by firing a guy if you haven’t an upgrade at the position in mind. Now, with that in mind, scroll up to see just how well this defense has performed this season despite the numerous secondary injuries. Are there other defensive coordinators available right now who could truly do better?

Let’s focus on the real problem for now. Get whatever is left on the offense working again. Then? If you still want to fire Raheem Morris, shout it at the top of your lungs. But be careful what you wish for. If you get rid of Morris, there are no guarantees that his replacement will be able to get this defense close to where they are right now.

And worst of all, firing Morris does nothing to fix the inept offense.

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