LA Rams roster solutions for 2022 open floodgates to more questions

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams made a number of dubious and questionable decisions to start off the 2022 NFL season.  But because these were the winners of Super Bowl LVI, we all shrugged our shoulders and afforded those close calls the benefit of the doubt.  But, it is what it is, right?

The LA Rams knew that they could not bring back everyone, despite chanting Run It Back repeatedly.  So who didn’t the LA Rams re-sign?  Well, I’ll still give this group a pass on their inability to extend outside linebacker Von Miller. The team tried, but Miller grabbed the Buffalo Bills’ sack of cash that had more guarantees. C’est la Vie in the NFL.

Extend or pass/fail?

But the team had a chance to re-sign free agent DE Morgan Fox, a player who had played 281 defensive snaps, and recorded 2.5 quarterback sacks and 13 tackles. Instead, he signed on with the LA Chargers. The Rams had a chance to extend NT Sebastian Joseph-Day, a player who had grown into a solid nose tackle, but someone who could slide to any position on the defensive front. Instead, he signed with the Chargers as well, where he has 33 tackles and 1.0 quarterback sacks.

After putting up 845 yards and four rushing touchdowns for the LA Rams, I truly thought extending RB Sony Michel was a deal that the Rams could not afford NOT to do. But the team thought otherwise, and he eventually signed with, you guessed it, the LA Chargers.

While the Rams’ roster decisions are not just about the player, but about the impact on the overall salary cap, the distribution of eventual roster spots, the timing of contract expirations, and even clearing some minutes of playing time to develop younger roster players who have shown promise, the Rams appear to have made egregious errors over who to walk away from, and who to lock down this season.