LA Rams roster solutions for 2022 open floodgates to more questions

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Rams roster repercussions

With each team action, done or not, there are consequences. Extending a player commits salary and a  roster spot that cannot be directed elsewhere. But by not extending a player, the onus falls upon the team to get a cheaper and more effective alternative for that player instead, and the Rams were unable to do that this season.

But what of Rams roster designs for this season? Knowing that the Rams faced durability questions this season, the team had every chance to shore up their depth chart at the offensive center and left tackle positions. Simple precautions not taken set the stage for a calamity of offensive line iterations that has yet to cease some 11 weeks into the season. Some offensive linemen who were injured previously are already out for the second time.

Stuff happens in the NFL

The team committed OT Bobby Evans, a player who is clearly more established as an offensive tackle, in their offensive guard position. The team, who already know that Coleman Shelton was their starting right guard, backed up their center position with Shelton, ensuring that if Brian Allen fell to injury, two offensive line positions would be impacted. Allen is now out for his fifth of ten games this season, which is right on track with his 59 percent durability.

There is no way for any NFL team to absorb the number of injuries on the roster and weather the storm. But by the time Week 4 rolled around, the LA Rams had already tapped offensive tackle Bobby Evans to play offensive guard, and practice squad center Jeremiah Kolone to start at offensive center.

Setting up the ideal roster is awfully hard work. Oftentimes, as was the case this season, the players are added to the roster when they become available. If you have experience shopping for fresh meats, fish, and produce, you know that items are ‘in season,’ and ‘out of season.’  So if you have a strong desire for fresh salmon, you have to wait until salmon are back in season.