LA Rams won’t face this Saints defensive star in Week 11

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

Amidst all of the injuries that seem to be reported on a weekly basis for the LA Rams, we seldom have the opportunity to turn our attention to the upcoming opponent. Well, we have the opportunity and the need to do so this week, as the Rams offensive faces another setback. Two more players who had competed and performed quite well, Alaric Jackson and Chandler Brewer, have been moved to injured reserve.

But the injuries are most certainly not limited to the LA Rams this week. The New Orleans Saints are dealing with quite a few of their own as well. That’s the topic of discussion in this article, as the LA Rams battered offensive line will not face New Orleans Saints star defensive lineman, Cam Jordan.

Unfortunately, Jordan suffered an eye gouge in the Saints’ last game and will be unable to suit up and face the Rams. Well. That’s an unexpected development. Jordan holds 20 percent of the Saints’ quarterback sacks this season. But he is not the only player out for this one.

The Saints have a number of starting and key rotational players who will not play this week, including DB Marshon Lattimore and RB Mark Ingram,

And so, even as the LA Rams face the New Orleans Saints without a host of starting offensive linemen or WR Cooper Kupp. The Rams’ offense has almost no run game, has struggled mightily to put points on the scoreboard, and has committed turnovers that have led to points by the opposing defenses.

But not facing Cam Jordan is certainly a positive development for the Rams. Is it enough to turn the Rams’ fortunes around? This season has been far too snakebit for me to declare a reversal of fortune. But it does lend to some optimism. Even that feels good at this point in the season.

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