Jalen Ramsey, LA Rams want OBJ back, is it still possible?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams (3-6) are set to go on the road to take on the New Orleans Saints (3-7) this week in hopes of saving their season and establishing some momentum. Before their bout with the Saints on Sunday, Rams’ star CB Jalen Ramsey made an appearance on “The Shop” alternate broadcast last Thursday night during the Titans, Packers game.

“The Shop” is an HBO talk show featuring NBA star Lebron James and famous marketer Maverick Carter, in which they will interview different guests in each episode. This past week they had guests such as actors Jamie Foxx and Rob Lowe, former NFL WR Dez Bryant, and of course, LA Rams’ very own DB Jalen Ramsey.

Free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr is a big name that remains in the open market. The Rams signed Beckham to a one-year deal last November after being released by the Cleveland Browns, and the deal could not have been better for both parties. Odell revitalized his career with the Rams after playing the last eight games of the regular season for the Rams tallying 27 receptions, 305 receiving yards, and five touchdowns.

OBJ helps the Rams win SB LVI

Most importantly, OBJ helped the Rams’ quest to be crowned as Super Bowl champions by significantly contributing during the playoffs. He recorded 21 receptions, 288 receiving yards, and two touchdowns in the Rams’ playoff run and had no more significant touchdown than the 17-yard TD catch from QB Matthew Stafford to put the Rams up 7-0 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He finished the game with 52 yards and that TD, and many people thought he was on his to Super Bowl MVP. But unfortunately, he went down late in the second quarter with a non-contact injury while running a crossing route, tearing his ACL(left knee) for the second time in his career. Since then, Beckham has been recovering/rehabbing from the ACL tear for the last nine months and has recently become cleared to play per Ari Meirov(seen below).

Now, where will he sign?

Ramsey talks about Odell Beckham Jr.

During “The Shop” broadcast last Thursday, Ramsey was asked about Odell Beckham Jr. and if he and the Rams want him back. As per Cameron DaSilva with RamsWire(shown below).

"“We definitely want him back. I talk to him every week,” LA Rams DB Jalen Ramsey shared. “If I was a betting man, I would say he’s going to go back to New York or the Cowboys. If I was a betting man right now”.- Jalen Ramsey as per Yahoo! Sports Cameron DeSilva"

Ramsey has stated in the past that he wants OBJ back in the Rams’ uniform, and why wouldn’t he? He helped the Rams win Super 56. However, if we had to read the tea leaves in what Jalen said, he believes he won’t end up back with the Rams. Odell has stated that he liked it in Los Angeles, but you would have to think with every loss the Rams face, it is more and more likely that he wouldn’t choose to come back if that opportunity presented itself.

He wants to play for a winner and contend for another Super Bowl title, but in light of that, he also wants to get paid and get a multiyear contract. If that is, in fact, the case, I believe that is the only way the Rams might be able to steal Odell from one of these contending teams.

Do the Rams still have a shot at OBJ?

With the Rams being 3-6 right now, it doesn’t look like the Rams will be contending to defend their Super Bowl 56 title unless a big second-half turnaround is in the cards. So from a contender, the Rams might not be intriguing enough for Beckham Jr. However, a multiyear contract could do the trick. The Rams know they have about a four-year window to contend with the current regime.

Head coach Sean McVay and GM Les Snead signed contract extensions through the 2026 season this past off-season. Also, QB Matthew Stafford got a four-year/160 million dollar contract through the 2026 season. Their star WR Cooper Kupp agreed on a three-year/80.1 million contract through 2026. If the Rams can try and lock up Odell for this year but for also the next few years, they can try to persuade him to come back.

It’s not just about this year. This time, it’s about contending for the next few years while they still have all these assets. McVay and his offense need weapons to content next year, and with Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, and maybe Odell Beckham Jr., that is a solid big three wide receiving core to have for the next few years.

LA Rams won’t face this Saints defensive star in Week 11. light. Hot