LA Rams shake up roster, release 3. Will more be on the way?

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The LA Rams appear to be facing the cold harsh reality that is a 3-7 season with a banged-up roster. With the likelihood of the post-season all but mathematically over, the team has made a number of, quite truthfully, shocking in-season moves. In the grand scheme of things, the LA Rams are not winning, so there is no point in this that has anything to do with make-or-break moves.

The LA Rams are struggling with their pass rush. The LA Rams are struggling with their rushing offense. For that matter, the team is hampered by not deploying 12-personnel packages, blocking backs, or even consistent offensive line play.

Business or not, three players who were formerly on the Rams roster are now looking for a new opportunity. So before I go any further, I want to thank Kendall Blanton, Darrell Hederson Jr., and Justin Hollins for giving so much on and off the football field for the Rams and the fans.

Rams roster moves: Not what but who

Perhaps the shock of the Rams announcement today is not that the team is parting ways with veterans who have held starting and significant roles on the team as recently as Week 11, but rather the names of the players being released.  Or rather, the names of players who were not released. Let’s get to the shocking news:

The Rams’ front office can manage the Rams roster however they see fit. But where I struggle is the positions that have been targeted for release. The Rams have not used their 12-personnel packages, instead opting for one tight end and multi-tasking wide receivers. But after the team added tight end, Kendall Blanton, to the roster, they released him from the practice squad.

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Okay, that move sort of makes sense. Blanton was added as an emergency bridge to cover the suspension of tight end Brycen Hopkins, and Hopkins is now back. So recent events of Brycen Hopkins returning to the roster simply make Blanton expendable. Okay. But is that improving this team? I mean, without Blanton, that reduces the chance to deploy two tight ends on the offense, right? Moving on.