LA Rams should kick the tires on these 3 FA quarterbacks

Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /
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Today, LA Rams starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is entering the evaluation process of the NFL concussion protocol for the second time in a week. Regardless of the results, and the mathematical possibility of still winning out the rest of the way to perhaps earn a playoff berth, I’m already hoping that the Rams shut Stafford down for the rest of the season. In fact, that extends to anyone who is fighting through injuries right now.

This is not a surrender. Let’s simply call it a strategic retreat.

The LA Rams’ number of injuries has gone beyond bizarre. With a second player entering the NFL concussion protocol instantly after returning, there is more at stake here than messages sent to players or competitiveness. The Rams are really facing risks of injury, and the more we know about professional football, the more we realize that concussions are cumulative.

Player safety needs to come first right now.

The Rams roster needs to add QB depth

While that may be a tough path to walk for the LA Rams organization right now, it’s the right course. Still, the Rams only have three quarterbacks on the roster right now. Stafford is undergoing evaluation for a concussion. Backup quarterback John Wolford is fighting through a neck injury.  The only healthy quarterback on the roster right now is Bryce Perkins.

That sounds an awful lot like ‘Let’s go shopping for an NFL free agent quarterback!’ doesn’t it? Need more proof?

Well, that really sounds like the LA Rams are going QB shopping. So who is out there and available right now? We anticipated the Rams’ sudden interest in adding a quarterback, but I won’t try to kid you. Pickings at mid-season are pretty slim.

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That is particularly true for this team because the Rams have had zero interest in bolstering the quarterback ranks for some time Even as the team signed two rookies who did not hear their names called in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Rams were more interested in adding training camp arms, rather than developing a player who might lead the offense someday. Okay, who is out there?