LA Rams should kick the tires on these 3 FA quarterbacks

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Rams Free Agency: Option II

One of the ways for the LA Rams to fast-track indoctrinating a new quarterback into their offense is to target a free agent who is familiar with the Rams’ offensive philosophy and terminology. Former Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Kurt Benkert could check that box, as he has competed for the Packers in the 2021 NFL season.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 215 pounds, Benkert has a gunslinger mindset and the ability to scramble long enough to get throws off, even under pressure. Much like Carson Strong, Benkert possesses a cannon of an arm that is very accurate as well.  So what are his drawbacks? Blitzes can rattle him, as sending him off his initial mark can reduce his accuracy.

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Benkert gets the nod over Strong simply because he has a year of NFL experience under his belt. But if you are still not wowed, we have one more in the back.

Rams Free Agency: Option I

The LA Rams could give former Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Josh Rosen a shot. While he certainly has had a chance to stick with four different NFL offenses of the Cardinals, the Miami Dolphins, and the Atlanta Falcons, he is currently on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice squad.  So far, he has not cut the mustard for any team.

But the 6-foot-4 226-pound former quarterback of the UCLA Bruins has NFL game-playing experience, and that is a rare find in a quarterback at this point in the season. He has appeared in 24 NFL games and started in 16. Although his record as a starter is just 3-13, he has completed 277 of 513 passes for 2,864 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions. He can scramble, rushing for 26 attempts for 151 yards.

Of course, Josh Rosen cannot be expected to float the LA Rams’ sinking ship right now. But, like veteran Matthew Stafford, he is a pocket passer.  He is a California native, and attended UCLA, so he knows and flourishes in the LA lifestyle. Best of all, he is on the Buccaneers’ practice squad for now, but he could be a wise choice for the Rams.

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He is a former first-round quarterback, and if nothing else, has enough NFL experience to be a solid option for a Rams roster suddenly shopping for quarterback depth.

While no quarterback option is ideally suited for the Rams roster now, there are three options that the LA Rams should invite in to kick the tires. While none may be more than a bridge to get the Rams through the rest of the season, the team certainly needs to give that quarterback position added depth right now. The team is down to one healthy QB, and with injuries occurring to the Rams roster this season at a pretty good clip, the team needs to bolster the ranks quickly.

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