Shocked? For 5th time, LA Rams part ways with arguably best RB

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So long Sony

By 2021, the LA Rams suffered repeated injuries to running backs. The team lost both Cam Akers and RB Xavier Jones to Achilles Tendon injuries, RB Raymond Calais to a broken foot, rookie RB Jake Funk to a serious hamstring injury, and RB Darrell Henderson Jr. were plagued with an ongoing set of injuries that continued to toggle him on/off the active roster.

The roster had no identifiable running back for the 2021 NFL season who could handle a normal workload, so the Rams front office did what the Rams front office does best. The team packaged a 2021 sixth-round and a 2022 fourth-round draft pick to trade for New England Patriots running back Sony Michel.

While that seemed to be a rather stiff price to pay for a rotational rusher, it became even saltier through the first 11 games of the season.

But suddenly, a three-game losing streak drove the Rams to 7-4, and the team was beginning to lose confidence. That is when the Rams’ offense placed the football in the hands of veteran RB Sony Michel, and Sony Michel responded.

Over the last six games of the season, Michel rushed 129 times for 540 yards and three touchdowns, good enough to power the Rams to a five-game winning streak and carry the team to a 12-5 record and the NFC West Division Crown. But like three running backs before, the Rams did not value Michel’s contribution and let him walk away in free agency without an offer from the LA Rams.