Shocked? For 5th time, LA Rams part ways with arguably best RB

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Run away, Hendo

The LA Rams did not enter the 2022 NFL season with a healthy running back, but the best of the bunch was clearly RB Darrell Henderson. Henderson had plenty of bumps, bruises, and minor injuries, but when he suited up and took the field, he was one of the most explosive runners on the roster.

This season, the LA Rams roster clearly considered running backs as an afterthought. The team returned RB Jake Funk, Cam Akers, and Darrell Henderson Jr., parted ways with RB Sony Michel, and then drafted rookie RB Kyren Williams.  If the plan was to feature rookie RB Kyren Williams, those plans derailed twice. Williams was injured during training camp and was limited for weeks without any chance to practice with his teammates. For the second injury, Kyren Williams played once on special teams before falling to a second injury.

Rams skimming the cream of the RB crop off the top, and off the Rams roster

That should have meant significant doses of veteran RB Darrell Henderson Jr. this season. Henderson rushed for only 70 times this year but piled up 283 yards and three touchdowns. His average was 4.0 yards per rush, an incredible amount considering how banged up the Rams’ offensive line has been. Henderson also caught 17 of 22 passes thrown his way for another 102 yards. He led the LA Rams running backs in both rushing and receiving yards. His reward?

Yeah, you guessed it.

The Rams are a bit topsy-turvy right now. If this team is truly committed to the running game, then how do you explain a noticeable trend of this team parting ways with arguably their best running back in each of the past five seasons?

I have noticed the injury track record of Darrell Henderson Jr. in the past. But he was never brought to this team to be more than an explosive rusher who could help keep the offense moving chains while resting the featured rusher.

Does this team need better durability? You bet it does. But this is a very confusing way to go about getting there. But here is where we are. For the past five seasons, the LA Rams have parted ways with arguably their best rusher. Is it any wonder why the Rams are dead last in running offenses this season? The Rams’ roster continues to dilute the ground attack to the point where the roster is now entirely dependent upon unproven players.

Another time the Rams have zigged when they should have zagged? While it feels that way, we cannot be sure until all the dust settles. There are more Rams roster moves to discuss, so off we go.

But for the life of me, releasing Darrell Henderson from the Rams roster makes little sense at the moment. He is the best runner on a team that is the worst rushing offense. So how does this do anything more than make a bad situation worse?

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