3 Rams who I would invite to my Thanksgiving Day table

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LA Rams News Coach Eric Henderson
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Guest I: Defensive Line/Run Game Coordinator Eric Henderson

Coach Eric Henderson is one of the most likable guys on the face of this planet. I don’t say that just as some tired cliche, but from an honest first-hand appreciation of the gentleman for who he is and everything he stands for.

This guy had every reason to be bitter, feel sorry for himself, and surrender to adversity. But he has the gift of overcoming adversity and then sharing a trail out of that adversity with young men who need a true leader.  Sometimes, on those rough mornings when I need more than coffee to get me going, I’ll play a video from Coach Henny to get that extra boost of motivation.

Coach Henny is not a guy who shares fictional accounts of how he wishes things might be. He is a leader who sets an example, who does more than talk the talk but goes out and walks the walk each and every day of his life.

He is the NFL’s Defensive Line Coach of the Year, and for good reason. He has consistently aided NFL rookies and veterans to achieve levels of play on the defensive side of the football field that has exceeded even optimistic expectations. But that is merely what he brings to the LA Rams organization.

If I’m stuck in a foxhole in a fight for my life against overwhelming odds, Eric Henderson is the first guy I want to fight beside. He is someone who you can trust to always have your back, to be there in a time of need, and to give everything he’s got. You can see those traits in the players he coaches. But most of all, you can tell from the man himself. He is authentic, and he is a class act.