4 OL who won’t be back for the LA Rams in 2023

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OL IV: Interior offensive lineman

The LA Rams added a veteran interior offensive lineman as a stopgap measure when the team signed free agent Matt Skura on September 21, 2022. At the time, the injuries to the LA Rams offensive line were only beginning, but the team has already lost two interior offensive linemen with injuries to both Brian Allen and Coleman Shelton.

Skura has appeared in two games for the LA Rams and started one game. All told, he has played on 64 offensive snaps. So far, he has allowed just one quarterback sack and committed one penalty. While that won’t set him into any consideration for a Pro Bowl nomination, it’s an excellent performance considering the helter-skelter situation he has tried to resolve.

No camp, no preseason, no problem

Skura has not had a training camp, has not had the same four guys around him, and has been tossed into the deep end of the LA Rams offensive line with one objective: Don’t make things worse. Despite the crash course of playing on the Rams’ offensive line, I think he’s held up his end of that bargain.

Skura is one of the five (count ’em, five) offensive linemen additions to this roster since the season started. He has not had the benefit of training camp, or of preseason games. In fact, he has not had the benefit of playing alongside the same players. Heck, he has not even had the luxury of knowing which position on the offensive line to focus on learning on a weekly basis.

Skura has done well enough for the Rams to be brought back next season and given a true opportunity to compete for a more significant and permanent role on the Rams roster. But he was signed to help out one season only, and the team seldom changes its mind on that type of decision.