4 OL who won’t be back for the LA Rams in 2023

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OL II: So long Rams starter

The Rams have enjoyed having versatile offensive lineman David Edwards start over the past few years. But much like the contribution of former interior offensive lineman Austin Blythe, I’m not sure that extending Edwards into the 2023 NFL season is on the radar. Of course, if he is willing to return for next to nothing, I’m sure that the cash-strapped Rams will listen.

While Edwards is good enough to start, he is the type of player who just doesn’t inspire anything spectacular about the offensive line for me. He can make his run blocks to open a lane for the running back. And he can even hold his pass block long enough to allow the Rams quarterback to get the pass off. But isn’t that the bare minimum?

I seldom see Edwards blocking downfield on running plays. I also have not seen much evidence that David Edwards can multi-task at the offensive guard position, ensuring that players on both sides are effectively neutralized.

As a result, I don’t know that the Rams, who now have a huge crop of offensive linemen all looking for playing time in 2023, have much interest in extending a player who checks the boxes but offers little more from that position.

I won’t touch base on the health and safety concerns that David Edwards and the LA Rams must sort through right now, but I do know that entering the NFL concussion protocol for two consecutive weeks is serious stuff.  Whether or not Edwards pursues his NFL career after this season, I do not want his future health to be at risk by playing for the LA Rams.  In the end, I would rather watch him walk away then be transported away on the cart.