5 LA Rams who have offered next to nothing in 2022

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LA Rams Roster Jacob Harris
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This LA Rams receiver is too raw

When the LA Rams drafted athletic freak, Jacob Harris, with the 147th overall pick in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, there was plenty of buzz about a 6-foot-5 receiver who could fly. Jacob Harris holds so much promise and potential. But the potential that never gets realized on the football field is the stuff that gets NFL general managers and head coaches fired.

Harris has all of the makings of an NFL player. He has the size, the speed, and the passion to succeed that can make all the difference in the world. But he has been lacking perhaps the most important ingredient of all, opportunity.  Now in his second NFL season, TE/WR Jacob Harris has seen action in just 16 offensive snaps and has yet to have a single pass thrown his way.

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Raw rookies don’t see playing time on the Rams’ roster

The idea of drafting incredibly talented but remarkably raw rookies sounds great in theory, particularly for a Rams team that did not hold high draft picks but needed to add depth to the roster. Unfortunately, when placed into practice, the Rams’ sense of urgency to win now all but eliminated the patient coaching up and opportunities necessary to give raw rookies the vital beachhead of playing time that is required to take the next step.

Because the Rams were in win-now mode, the team opted to add veterans to the roster to compete in the NFL playoffs. That created a backlog for younger players like Jacob Harris that needed on-field opportunities to make mistakes, benefit from achievements, and wrap it all back up into motivation for practice and future training camps. But that never happened for Jacob Harris, who is now stuck in limbo on the Rams roster. He cannot beat out new rookies, and he cannot impress the coaching staff who have already written the book on him.