5 LA Rams who have offered next to nothing in 2022

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LA Rams Roster Tutu Atwell
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Tu much Tu little Tu late Tutu

The LA Rams drafted speedy wide receiver, Tutu Atwell, with the very valuable 57th overall pick in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. While there were much greater roster needs when he was selected, and plenty of worthwhile players on the draft board, the Rams chose an offensive skill player whose value to the team relied solely on the Rams’ ability to make use of so much speed in such a small package.

The results of the LA Rams’ 2021 NFL Draft seemed to be disconnected from the needs of the team. The Rams were clearly in win-now mode, and as such had a definite need to select plug-n-play players in the NFL Draft. Instead, the team chose from the opposite end of the spectrum, a draft class that was overwhelmingly raw, extraordinarily athletic, and needed plenty of creativity and innovation to infuse those players into their playbook.

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Not a bust, simply no value on the Rams roster

There is a lot of harsh judgment from fans on the NFL potential of WR Tutu Atwell. Has he seen much action? No. In his second NFL season, this young fleet-footed receiver has been targeted a grand total of five times, has just two receptions but has 116 receiving yards and one touchdown. He has even rushed once for nine yards. When the LA Rams play him, he has proven to be a very explosive receiver.

But therein lies the problem, as the Rams have only played this young receiver in 40 offensive snaps. In 2022, he has seen just 30 offensive snaps. So he is getting next to nothing in terms of offensive work, but when he does, he blows the lid off the defensive pass coverage.

The problem is not Atwell. He has delivered in this offense much like veteran WR DeSean Jackson did in 2021. The problem is that the Rams believe that they need a spectrum of offensive weapons to choose from, but on game day, continue to target the same receiver with the same plays. So why bother signing a DeSean Jackson or drafting a Tutu Atwell? Atwell can make plays, but thanks to his lack of snaps and targets, he has offered next to nothing in 2022. The trouble is that it’s not really his doing.