5 LA Rams who have offered next to nothing in 2022

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The Rams cannot play this OT at OG

The LA Rams may have been successful with a number of late pick or undrafted offensive linemen to this point, but offensive tackle Bobby Evans has not been one of them. Let’s face it, he is solely an offensive tackle and should be exclusively played there.

A duck can fly, float, and even swim underwater for a brief period, but should never be confused with a fish. Evans is like a duck, he can slide inside for a relatively short period of time, but cannot remain there for any length of time. But however overwhelming the evidence continues to stack up, the Rams continue to try to get Evans to shake off the cobwebs and perform as an interior offensive lineman.

Evans needs a chance to redeem himself

The level of vitriol and disrespect towards players grows with each season, and in the case of someone like offensive lineman Bobby Evans, a guy who tries his best, it’s a bit heartbreaking to witness. He is doing what every NFL player does, compete for playing time. And at the end of the day, it’s up to the Rams coaching staff to select the top offensive linemen to play. Not only that, but those same coaches must place those players in the best situation to succeed.

Evans continues to be positioned inside, a position that he continues to struggle at. The coaches surely must see it, and have plenty of tools to help him out. The Rams could use 12 personnel packages to tighten up blocking assignments, stack a blocking back to chip at the defender that Evans must block as he slips out on a receiving route, or simply run misdirection plays to force a pass-rush-happy defender to pause at the line of scrimmage long enough to diagnose the plays.

But the coaches seldom opted for those remedies, leaving Evans alone to struggle and often fail at his task. Ultimately, Evans will try to accomplish whatever task the Rams ask of him. So why do they continue to ask him to start at offensive guard? He cannot succeed there.  But there is one more player to look at: