Kelce smokes Rams DB Jalen Ramsey for the Chiefs opening score

Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /

There is a growing consensus among LA Rams fans that All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey has lost a step. Well, with just under 5:40 to go in the first quarter, those fans have even more concrete proof of that allegation.  And the heartbreaking element of that fact is the reality that the Rams’ defense had played fairly well to force a punt in the Kansas City Chiefs first possession.

After the Rams were forced to punt the ball back to the Chiefs, the Rams got a break when the punt was fumbled, and defensive back Robert Rochelle recovered the football at the Kansas City Chiefs’ 43-yard line.

The Rams tried to pass, and lost yards to a sack, a bootleg, and finally an incompletion. That put the Rams punting unit back onto the football field, giving the Chiefs first down and ten to go from their own 10-yard line.

If the Rams’ defense had the same stalwart showing as the first possession for the Chiefs, this may be a ball game. But Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes came out firing, and the LA Rams defense was completely powerless to stop them. Mahomes threw four completions, and scrambled twice, to keep the ball and the chains moving. Then, on 2nd and 16 from the LA Rams’ 39-yard line, the Chiefs went with a three-tight end formation.

One tight end went into motion, and the Rams’ defense had to show that they were in man coverage. That was all that Mahomes needed to know, as he locked onto tight end Travis Kelce. Normally, the play would favor the LA Rams, as Jalen Ramsey was in man coverage on Kelce. But Kelce runs crisp routes, and he turned Ramsey around twice. Because the Chiefs had sent another tight end on a seam route, the safeties were out of position to lend a hand.

Mahomes was right on target with the pass, and Kelce rumbled into the end zone.

3. 51. 10. 124.

Both teams have since scored a field goal. But unless events change significantly, that first-quarter touchdown by the Chiefs could hold up until the end of the game.

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