Should the LA Rams bring back those Bone White jerseys?

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have been a bit of an NFL fashion item since the team reconfigured the logo, and the uniforms, and tossed in a brand-new color palette. That is the LA way, dress fashionably, and look your best. For two seasons, that seemed to be a winning formula. The Rams’ success on the football field had some correlation.

That correlation seems to have fallen by the wayside this season, or has it? It’s odd because I don’t give any wardrobe-results theory even a thread of substance. But this week’s analysis may force me to rethink my stance.

Even as the Rams have enjoyed great fortune under the vigilant watch of LA Rams head coach Sean McVay, the Rams took it up a notch in 2020 and 2021. That just so happened to be the time when the Rams played in their Bone White Jerseys. So let’s examine how the team has performed historically in that color.

2020 uniform combinations

Bone / Bone   5-1
Royal / Sol       2-2
Royal / Bone   3-0
Royal / Royal   0-3
Bone / Royal   1-1
Bone / Sol       0-1

Totals             11 – 7

Bone White may have underwhelmed as a fan-favorite color, but there is no denying that Bone White jerseys ruled the roost for the Rams in 2020. When the Rams donned the Bone White jersey, the Rams played to a 6-3 record in 2020. the Royal Blue jersey came in at just 5-4.  But what of 2021?

2021 uniform combinations

White / Sol       2-1
Bone / Royal    2-1
Bone / Bone     3-0
Royal / Royal    0-1
Royal / Sol         4-0
Royal / Bone     3-1
Bone / Sol          2-0
White / Royal    0-1

Totals                 16 – 5

Bone White jerseys ruled the roost once more. In Bone White jerseys, the Rams played to a record of 7-1. In all other colors, the Rams played to just 9-4.  Are we onto something? Let’s check the 2022 record:

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2022 Rams Uniform Tracker

Now for the 2022 uniforms. At Week 9, how have the LA Rams performed so far?

  • Week       Opponent           Jersey       Pants    Outcome
  1.      1             Bills                    White        Sol          L  10-31
  2.      2             Falcons              Bone         Sol          W 31-27
  3.      3             at Cardinals      Bone         Royal     W 20-12
  4.      4             at 49ers            White        Royal     L  24-9
  5.      5             Cowboys           White        Sol         L  22-10
  6.      6             Panthers           Royal         Sol         W  24-10
  7.      7             BYE
  8.      8             49ers                 Royal         Sol         L   31-14
  9.      9             at Buccaneers Royal         Bone     L  16-13
  10.   10             Cardinals           Royal         Bone     L   27-17
  11.   11             at Saints            White        Sol         L   27-20
  12.   12             at Chiefs            White        Sol        ???
  13.   13             Seahawks         Royal
  14.   14             Raiders              Royal
  15.   15             at Packers         White
  16.   16             Broncos             Royal
  17.   17             at Chargers       White
  18.   18             at Seahawks     White

Yes, the same pattern appears. In a season in which the LA Rams are just 3-7 after 10 games, the Rams are 2-0 in Bone White jerseys.  That means that the team is just 1-7 in other colored jerseys. So how does that work out over the past three seasons?

The Rams are 16-4 in Bone White jerseys since 2020. In over jerseys of various colors, the Rams are just 15-15. While this could all be superstitious mumbo-jumbo, why take chances? Clearly, the Rams play well in Bone White jerseys. Eyesore? Unattractive? Perhaps.

But right now, a win is a win. And if a win comes whenever the Rams wear the less popular Bone White jersey, I’m all for it.

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