Does LA Rams horrific season raise option to blow up roster?

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Time to pour the Rams a robust draft

When fans think about a bad team getting better, they almost automatically turn their attention to the NFL Draft.  The NFL Draft, and the way the rules set the order for NFL teams to make their allotted selections, gives a clear advantage to the least successful teams from the previous season. An advantage? Yes. But not the skill to discern the potential studs from the duds in the rookie class. That all falls on the shoulders of the NFL team making the selections.

Historically, the projected draft picks for the LA Rams in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft are on par with the team’s past drafts. But this team has been successful in the past, ending each of the past five seasons with a winning record. This season, the LA Rams are clearly not going to do so. Does that change the team’s draft strategy?

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Rams draft strategy

Before we try to answer that question, exactly what has been the LA Rams’ draft strategy in the past?

  • Draft          2017   2018   2019   2020   2021   2022  2023(Projected) Round 1        0           0            0         0          0           0          0 Round 2        1           0            1         2          1           0          1 Round 3        2           1            3         2          1           1          1 Round 4        2           1            1         1          3           1           0 Round 5        0           2            1         0          1           1           2 Round 6        2           4            0         1          0           2           4 Round 7        1           2            2         3          3           3           2 Total               8         10           8         9          9            8         10

While the Rams hold 10 picks, many believe that will not be enough to replenish the Rams roster sufficiently to turn the corner in 2023. But there are inherent risks with any strategy to rebuild or even to retool the Rams roster through the draft, which is why the Rams had opted for an alternative method to build this roster.

But the question remains. Does this LA Rams team have enough draft currency, or ammunition, to recover from a season that holds a minimum of eight losses to compete in the postseason next year? If you believe that the answer is no, then it is not enough to clear the shelves. The answer is not who this team removes, but rather who this team intends on adding.  So let’s go down that logic path for just a moment, okay?