Does LA Rams horrific season raise option to blow up roster?

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No roster can survive this number of injuries

Because it has been mentioned by some fans already, let’s walk down the trail of what blowing up this LA Rams roster truly does entail. Unlike the version of restocking a roster that the Seattle Seahawks enjoyed in the 2022 offseason, the LA Rams would be unlikely to pivot from a struggling franchise to a postseason competitor in one season. In fact, it would likely entail a period of two or more seasons.

Because the team had been so committed to instant success, the roster has been built around getting elite game-changers at key positions on the Rams roster and then backfilling the remaining roster with young players who can develop into the type of players needed to compete in the NFL Playoffs. And that formula worked in four of the past five seasons, propelling the Rams into postseason competition four times, into the NFL Championship game twice, and to the summit of a Super Bowl LVI victory once.

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It’s been a season to forget or laugh at

This season has been a tragic comedy of misfortune. The Rams went light at the offensive line position, but have been crushed under the weight of a decade’s worth of injuries at the position. The injuries have not been limited to just the offensive line, though, as the team has taken numerous injury hits at running back, defensive back, wide receiver, defensive lineman, and even outside linebacker. No matter who the Rams have on their roster, or which NFL team it is for that matter, this level of injury ends any hope of success.

So abandon the Rams’ winning formula at your own peril.

I for one do not recommend blowing up anything. It’s the equivalent of a child getting mad at the neighborhood playground, grabbing his ball and ballmit, and going home. It’s an unequivocal surrender, and I believe that it is beneath the Rams right now, particularly in light of the fact that this team was good enough to win it all just last season. But some believe that this team needs to start over, so let’s just dabble in what that means for this team.