Baldy’s Breakdown: “He (LA Rams S Nick Scott) brings some thump”

(Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams seldom extend safeties, but hopefully, they will make an exception for safety Nick Scott. So why should the Rams do that? In the words of one of my favorite NFL analysts, Brian Baldinger: “He brings some thump.” (see his full analysis of Scott in the embedded video in the second Tweet below).

Scott is a relatively new addition to the LA Rams secondary. Held on the bench for much of his first two seasons, he finally saw increased playing time late in the 2021 NFL season. But he truly began to earn his spot in the Rams’ defense in the NFC Championship game, when he leveled San Francisco 49ers RB/WR Deebo Samuel, forcing an incompletion and shaking up Samuel so badly that he was ineffective for the remainder of the game.

Nick Scott still brings that thump. He leads the team with two interceptions, and he is fifth on the team with 56 tackles. Best of all, when he tackles the ball carrier, they know that they have been tackled.

Scott may not be a priority for re-signing by the LA Rams in the offseason, but I think that he should be. The Rams too often allow big-hitting enforcers from the defensive side of the football field to find greener pastures playing elsewhere, which hits this secondary’s continuity. Scott has the ability to defend the pass like DB Jordan Fuller and brings a heavy tackle like DB Taylor Rapp.

But unlike Fuller, Scott is eager to initiate contact. And unlike Rapp, he remains in position, makes plays on the football, and seldom takes his teammates out of the play. For those reasons, the Rams need to bring Scott back in 2023 to ensure the secondary is not suddenly forced to start over at building chemistry.

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