Corbett joins Saffold as a former LA Rams IOL who got away

Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have not historically invested in their veteran offensive linemen. That point was emphasized when the team allowed Pro Bowler IOL Roger Safford to sign on with the Tennessee Titans after their 2018 NFL season ended with an appearance in Super Bowl LIII. The LA Rams offensive line fought countless injuries and ended the season among the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Well, history appears to have repeated once more.

This time, the LA Rams won Super Bowl LVI at the end of their 20221 NFL season. Once more, the Rams elected not to extend an offensive guard, this time Austin Corbett. And once more, the LA Rams offensive line is plagued with a relentless number of injuries. Once more, the performance of the Rams’ offensive line has plummeted to among the worst units in the NFL.

So how is Corbett doing this year? I would say pretty well.

The Rams were unwilling to match the Titans’ offer of a three-year $33.4 million deal for Saffold. Likewise, the Rams were unwilling to match the Carolina Panthers’ offer of a three-year $26.25 million contract for Corbett. Instead, the Rams opted instead to extend IOL Brian Allen on a three-year $18 million deal.

In his first year for the Titans, Saffold proved to be a sturdy and competent offensive lineman. So far, that is the same experience enjoyed by the Carolina Panthers after signing Austin Corbett.

The LA Rams, unfortunately, have not learned the history lessons from their 2019 NFL season, which has allowed history to repeat itself. Will the Rams and the offensive line follow suit in 2023 and rebound just as dramatically as they had in 2020? Perhaps.

But on both occasions, the Rams elected to restock their offensive line with two new starters, and on both occasions, injuries ripped the offensive line apart pretty quickly. Perhaps the Rams should consider a different strategy if they compete in a third Super Bowl for HC Sean McVay.

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