What do the LA Rams need in the 2023 NFL Draft?

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Should address DL, QB, TE, and RB:

I – Defensive line: The LA Rams have invested heavily to ensure that DL Aaron Donald remains on the LA Rams roster. But that investment comes at a cost of limiting funds to extend other defensive linemen. Right now, the Rams project to lose both A’Shawn Robinson and Greg Gaines, and the younger defensive linemen have had almost no experience.  The Rams have plenty of depth if you factor in players on their practice squad. Will they be able to earn playing time in 2023? Whether the answer is yes or no, the Rams would be wise to bolster their position depth.

II -Backup QB: We have sought investment from the Rams organization into the backup quarterback role for years. While it’s fine for the Rams to feature one backup to run the scouting team, help to work with younger running backs and receivers, and even help scout opposing teams and playcalling on game day, the team needs to consider the likelihood of needing that role to step up and take over for the starter.

Beyond that, the Rams could leverage that backup QB role with a Day 3 draft selection, and then trade that player for an appreciable return of a better draft pick (that strategy was used by multiple teams years ago to augment their allotted draft picks)

III – Tight end: The LA Rams have become too reliant upon starting TE Tyler Higbee. The Rams had to scramble in 2021 whenever Higbee was injured, and have done nothing to reinforce that position. In fact, the Rams chose to only go with two tight ends in their original 53-man roster. Backup tight end Brycen Hopkins was suspended, forcing this team to scramble once more.

IV – Power Back: The latest two additions to the Rams’ running back room have been on the smallish side. If the Rams have any intention of committing to balancing this offense with a running game, the team must ensure that the roster has at least one big-bodied rusher who can get the tough yards to move the chains or burst through for a short-yardage touchdown. Isn’t RB Cam Akers big enough? Well, Akers was both ineffective and disgruntled in 2022. The Rams should be smart enough to ensure other options in 2023.