What do the LA Rams need in the 2023 NFL Draft?

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Luxury picks: WR, Offense, LB, STs

I – Wide receiver: To me, the Rams have been tripping over their receiver depth to the point where undrafted wide receiver Lance McCutcheon’s surprising preseason performance forced the Rams to overextend their roster with wide receivers at great risk of running too thin at other positions. But we know HC Sean McVay and the LA Rams. The roster was saturated in 2021, and the team added 3 WRs. So no promises.

The Rams have tried to go route runners. Then the Rams emphasized speed. Next, the Rams focused on catching contested catches. And with each new offensive emphasis, the Rams have either shown little interest in targetting other receiver types in the passing game, but in the case of WR Brandin Cooks and DeSean Jackson, the Rams parted ways with receivers who were no longer the current emphasis in this offense.

II – Offensive skill weapons: While we did mention all offensive skill weapons separately, the LA Rams could benefit from a QB/RB/WR or any other hybrid offensive weapon that checks multiple offensive positional boxes. With defenses becoming faster and more specialized, modern NFL offenses can counter with players who can threaten defenses in multiple roles and positions.

III – Linebacker: There will always be room on the LA Rams roster for linebackers. Not only are they the wild card for the Rams’ defense, a 3-4 scheme that has plenty of room for ‘backers, but the linebacker position is one of the most valuable NFL positions in terms of special team coverage units. That cannot be overlooked, as the Rams’ special teams continue to play a significant part in the team’s overall performance.

IV – Special team specialists: While the LA Rams are likely to extend all of their current special team contributors, there is nothing preventing this team from creating a little training camp competition to ensure that the team has their best options on the field. That could come in the form of competition at punter, placekicker, or even in the return game.

All told, the LA Rams’ shopping list for the 2023 NFL Draft far exceeds their current projected number of draft picks. The team really needs help just about everywhere, so nothing is off the table. But if the Rams add the right players at key positions, the remaining players on the Rams roster can backfill the other positional needs of this roster.

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