3 reasons to love LA Rams newest WR addition, Jaquarii Roberson

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Mandatory Credit: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports /

There are so many new and unfamiliar faces on this LA Rams roster, that it seems like an effort to feature each and every new addition. In many cases, thanks to the rapid cycle rotation of injured players and newly signed talent, the mention has been to identify the name and toss a quick Curriculum Vitae into an article and move on to the next topic of discussion.

But with the LA Rams relying heavily upon young players now through the remainder of the 2022 NFL season, we believe that we should give more focus on those younger prospects who have meandered onto this Rams roster. And lo and behold, tucked into the Rams report that has designated rookie OLB Daniel Hardy to return to the active 53-man roster, there is a blip about the team signing WR Jaquarii Roberson to the practice squad. The first question that comes to mind is: Who is he?

Well, the news, in a nutshell, is that he is a 2022 NFL rookie who has been intriguing enough to sign with three different NFL teams so far but has not impressed anyone on the coaching staff well enough to stick to any team to date. He is an undrafted rookie from Wake Forest who initially signed with the Dallas Cowboys at the conclusion of the 2022 NFL Draft. Since that time, he has signed on with both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills practice squads.

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Things to love III: Reliable hands

Perhaps the simplest yet most overlooked trait for any rookie wide receiver is the most important quality of all. Simply stated, can the guy catch the football? Well, this guy can. He caught 146 passes for 2,158 yards and 17 touchdowns for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. His production exploded in his final two college seasons, in which he caught 133 passes for 2,004 yards and 16 touchdowns. Despite his ability to clamp down on the football, he was not asked to deliver on special teams.

Things to love II: Creates separation without blazing speed

Receivers who are blessed with exceptional speed sometimes fail to develop the full NFL receiver arsenal of weapons necessary to succeed in the pros. That is certainly not the case for Jaquarii Roberson, and all the more reason to love him. Players who do not win effortlessly with speed must work harder to create separation. Those players, like LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp, arrive with a work-ethic mindset that is second to none.

Now with the opportunity to work around and learn from such accomplished NFL wide receivers like Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, and the entire Rams roster, Jaquarii Roberson can hone those skills to an even more refined level. That means good things for the rookie receiver, and good things for the LA Rams roster as well.

Things to love I: Noted for his exceptional route running

After trying to infuse blazing speed into this roster, followed by the ability to win at contested catches, it’s almost a relief to find the LA Rams returning to their roots by adding a great route runner. Like it or not, the bread and butter of the Rams’ passing game is a solid running game to support play-action plays and precision route runners who get to their spots on the football field as the football arrives.

That has not been the case for either 2021 or 2022. In 2021, the flavor of the day was blinding speed to stretch the back end of the defensive secondaries. In 2022, the flavor of the day was getting receivers who could emerge with the football after the quarterback simply threw it into the vicinity. So far, neither strategy has worked as intended.

While a rookie, and only signed to the practice squad, WR Jaquarii Roberson has the feel of someone who could do very well in the Rams system.

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